Official Catalyst Whitepaper, last updated August, 2021

Catalyst at it's core is a new Web 3.0 DAO Software as a Service (DaoSaaS) platform where anyone can form teams or communities around a common cause or objective using the underlying DAO framework and related tools for governance, resource, and project management.

Catalyst's Mission

Catalyst is the platform we envision as being an effective and customizable way to catalyze the adoption and evolution of decentralized community governance, resource and project management.  

The Vision

We have a dream of changing traditional concepts of what it takes to form and run effective teams and organizations.  We are aiming to create the conditions for people to self-organize digitally and/or physically in the pursuit of common objectives through fluid, emergent, decentralized entities.

We believe in empowering communities and community members with tools and economic opportunities as they rally around causes and achieve objectives.

Those objectives may be short-term or long-term and believe teams and organizations can form and dissolve and re-form in a continuous cycle as needed in response to a triggering event or in the pursuit of a shared vision or goal.

And, we believe in open web principles including data sovereignty, transparency, digital inclusion/freedom, and everything that goes along with that.

Welcome to our revolution.