Tribute Proposal

Tributes are contributions to the community fund.  They are also one of the mechanisms used to increase voting power.  Every 1 NEAR contributed to the fund gives the applicant 1 voting share in return.

It also increases the applicant's share of the community fund.

Tribute proposals are subject to the normal governance process.  Once a proposal is submitted the applicant must provide the necessary detail explaining why they should receive more voting power.  

In some communities, simply contributing might be good enough; however, others may have more stringent requirements.

For community owners, it's important to be aware of the voting power you hold. If it is your intention to maintain centralized decision making control of the community either by yourself or perhaps with others in the form of a council, you'll need to ensure that new member and tribute proposals don't give that control away.  

People can literally buy the decision making power in the community and it could be difficult to get it back if you lose it unintentionally.



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