Configuration Proposal

Not all communities want to be governed by the same set of rules and processes.  What works for one group of people may not be desired or useful to another group.  Surely there are overlaps, but at Catalyst we want communities to be able to customize themselves according to the desires of the community.

To that end, members are able to submit configuration proposals that change the very fundamental, building blocks of the communities governance process.

Note:  if you are the only member, configuration changes can be made immediately.  Like other proposals, as soon as there is more than one member, all proposals including configuration proposals are subject to community governance.

One accesses configuration proposals by click on the settings icon in the top right of the community screen near the share value:

If you're the only member, you'll be able to edit the configuration values right in the slideout, but if there are multiple members, you'll see something like this:

You'll see a list of the current configuration settings and a button to submit a configuration proposal.  You'd use this if you were proposing to change the length of the voting period or the proposal deposit associated with new proposals.  Initiating the configuration proposal process begins with a form like this:

What you see there are the community settings you can propose to change.  The list of customizations will continue to grow over time.  It is our desire to make nearly every aspect of the community customizable.  All it should take is community consensus to do so.

If you let your mind wander for a bit, imagine the kinds of possibilities that opens up.  More established communities can operate under one set of rules while providing flexibility to projects and sub-communities to be affiliated to the established community, but operate according to a completely different set of rules.

It will be exciting to see the types of communities and the governance structures they build take form over time.



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