The Graph

The Graph for NEAR

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About this course

The aim of this course is to help you build subgraphs for The Graph that index the NEAR blockchain and make that data available to your application through GraphQL queries.  The Graph is fantastic technology and learning to integrate with your application will open doors to new ways of doing things including eliminating the need to stand up and run your own indexer which can be complex and time consuming.

This Vital Point Academy course was prepared as a Figment Learning Pathway.  Highly recommend checking out Figment's interactive application.

Happy to have you here and I encourage you to ask questions throughout the course if you need clarification on anything.  Enjoy.

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Course Structure

What’s the Graph?

Introduction to The Graph.

The Graph Network Overview

An overview of the network that is the The Graph.

The Hosted Service

The Graph has a Hosted Service that can be used in place of a local Graph node.

What are NEAR Subgraphs?

Learn what NEAR subgraphs are.

Developing NEAR Contracts that Work With The Graph

Unlike Ethereum, NEAR contracts do not emit events. This lesson covers how developers can code their contracts to enable The Graph to index relevant data.

Scaffolding a NEAR Subgraph

Learn how to build a NEAR subgraph.

The Subgraph Manifest

One of three files that make up the subgraph, the subgraph manifest acts like the coordinator.

The Subgraph Schema

The subgraph schema is where we define the entities that will be populated with data coming off the chain.

The Subgraph Mappings

The mapping.ts file maps the data being indexed from the blockchain to the entities defined in the schema.graphql file.

Generating, Building and Deploying a Subgraph

Once the coding for your subgraph is done it's ready to go through generation, building, and deployment.

Querying the Subgraph

With our subgraph deployed we can now query it and bring data into our apps.

Course Conclusion

Summarizing what you've learned and suggested next steps.