Vital Point Guild

Community and resources leveraging NEAR protocol to solve real-world issues and usher in the Open Web.

The Situation

Since 2008, we've seen the web undergoing reinvention - all centered around blockchain and data. A movement that started with Bitcoin gained momentum with Ethereum and eventually spawned more and more protocols all focused on a better web.  

The open web includes a vision of a decentralized web - where, among other things, large corporations are not custodians of or profiting from our data, middlemen are eliminated, and censorship becomes a thing of the past.  The future is coming and you can be a part of it.

Vital Point Guild (VP Guild) exists to teach and spread the word about near protocol as a means to achieve widespread web 3.0 adoption... 

Our Guild Mission


Recruit and train an army of blockchain developers

The guild seeks apprentice, journeyman, or master developers interested in using or learning how to use NEAR protocol, RUST/AssemblyScript, React and related technologies to build incredible open web user experiences.


Recruit the collaborators and enablers

The guild seeks domain experts, product managers and investors willing to identify domain challenges and opportunities, manage product development, provide specialized knowledge, or furnish resource support to ensure development efforts produce effective solutions.


Provide a vibrant guild community and resources

The guild is growing an inclusive community with useful resources and a platform where every guildsperson contributes to the success of the guild and is rewarded for the important role they play in helping solve real-world issues while building the open web future.


Guild Leader

Innovation is what happens when people with tech expertise understand the challenges people with domain expertise face and decide to do something about it because they have the time, interest, and resources to do so.

The VP Guild aims to ensure people who want to be blockchain developers can be and people with challenges can find and work with blockchain developers that can help solve them.

whether you're a wannabe blockchain developer or someone who's been working in the field since the beginning - come share your story and your experiences... 

The VP Guild leverages the NEAR protocol as the foundation for everything it does.  The NEAR collective is a global collection of organizations collaboratively building NEAR.

It includes a number of extraordinary teams, championship-level competitive programmers, and a NEAR foundation backed by the best names in the crypto industry. 

VP Guild is part of the NEAR collective's guild program. Individuals, clubs, leaders, influencers, experts, communicators and others who believe in the project can start guilds like this one and spread the word.

Nice - but what exactly is NEAR?

Technical Explanation

NEAR is a sharded, developer-friendly, proof-of-stake blockchain.  It is a brand new and fundamentally reimagined layer 1 protocol designed to independently power the base of the emerging Open Web stack.  It is highly scalable and low-cost.

Less Technical Translation

It's revolutionary blockchain tech that you can think of as a public, community-run platform (or cloud) that makes it easy, low-cost and effective to build amazing decentralized apps that people can actually use without worrying about growth issues.

Why You Should Join the VP Guild?

Simply put - if you want to build real-world blockchain projects - I want to see you succeed.


  • Access to the Guild Academy which is focused on ensuring you learn exactly what you need to learn as quickly as possible to start developing decentralized applications using NEAR and related tech
  • Support of other friendly, like-minded people all trying to create the Web 3.0 future
  • local in-person workshops, webinars, and events to get questions answered, network and socialize
  • Ability to work on projects that you care about that are solving real-world issues
  • Forge friendships, partnerships, and potentially even start-ups with other guild members
  • Ability to build dapps using NEAR's very developer and user friendly protocol
  • The guild is supported by the incredible teams and organizations making up the NEAR Collective - there are more people than you can imagine wanting to see you and the guild flourish

NEAR guilds like VP Guild earn rewards. VP Guild intends to reinvest rewards into VP Guild and it's members.  As a Guild member, you'll have the opportunity to earn NEAR tokens (which could appreciate in value significantly over time) based on your guild contributions and engagement.  Check out the token economics underpinning Near.

Potential Rewards

  • Boosts:  referrals to specific events and/or programs, completion of one-time specific tasks
  • Rolling Rewards: awarded to the Guild regularly based on a combination of guild Health, Contribution, and Power
  • Leagues:  VP guild competes with other NEAR guilds to essentially "be the best".  Our league ranking translates to tokens if we make it high enough on the leaderboard
whether you're a wannabe blockchain developer or someone who's been working in the field since the beginning - come learn, share your story and your experiences... 

Our Guild Timeline


The Academy (in all its forms) will cover everything from beginner to advanced concepts allowing anyone, with any level of experience or knowledge, learn how to use NEAR protocol, Rust/AssemblyScript, and front-end frameworks like React to build decentralized apps.


The recruiting phase aims for explosive guild growth through local and global initiatives using the training materials being developed for the Academy. Additionally, domain experts and other enabling support will be sought to set favorable conditions for innovation.


With all the conditions and support in place, the guild aims to link developers and domain experts with a view to production of decentralized, Web 3.0 enabled applications that solve real-world problems.  We are aiming to see a variety of projects emerge and thrive.

The Guild Leader, Aaron | Vital Point AI

Your guild leader is a graduate of the Consensys Ethereum Developer Bootcamp and competes in blockchain hackathons such as those run by EthGlobal and Ready Layer One.  He builds blockchain stuff and even won a couple prizes.

As a self-taught developer - he certainly doesn't claim to know it all, but he's super excited about the future.  He wishes he had the resources and support of a guild at his disposal at the beginning of his journey.  Better late than never... 

Vital Point Guild aims to link developers with domain experts and support to solve real-world issues and invent amazing new experiences... 

Frequently Asked Questions

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