A New Era for Communities

Catalyst enables the self-organizing and self-governing communities of the future.

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Powered By:

NEAR is a decentralized application platform powering the Open Web.  

Ceramic is a decentralized platform for creating, hosting, and sharing streams of data.

  Together they enable a new era of Web 3 apps like Catalyst - a powerful community building, governance, and coordination platform.


Create digital identities using data you exclusively own and control to interact with your communities. Manage them all in Catalyst so when you change the data, it changes everywhere that Persona is used.

Customizable Governance

Decentralize and automate community governance to create unique, headless communities.  Customize underlying rules through community consensus.  Self-organize around causes and manage community resources.   

Trust and Accountability

More effectively and efficiently manage shared community resources with complete transparency and accountability built in.  Provide the means for members to trustlessly interact and coordinate activities.