We're building cyber C4ISTAR*... You can too.

Step-by-step blockchain, data science, and mixed reality training. Everything you need in one spot to become a Vital Point AI developer.  No experience or educational pre-requisites. Just a desire to learn and the motivation/initiative to take action.

*C4ISTAR = Command, Control, Communications, Computers (C4), Intelligence, Target Acquisition, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR)

Vital Point AI develops C4ISTAR solutions that super charge human intuition.  The projects are pretty cool and they solve real-world issues applicable to operations, planning, and resource usage.  It's a military term and although what Vital Point AI builds is directly applicable to the military, it is equally applicable to other organizations as well.

Get good grades, get a degree, work for a big corporation for the rest of your life.  Probably the worst advice...ever.

That might have been good advice in the past, but the world is changing fast - especially in tech domain.  You can be the one changing the world or you can follow the herd and compete for scraps along the way. 

It's not that going to university or college isn't worthwhile.  You can learn a lot and have some great experiences. We just don't think it's the best use of your time or money.  So, before you go spend four or five years in an institute of higher learning that may or may not help you  actually wants or needs, consider another option...

Vital Point Academy

We don't care if you have a university degree.  We don't even care if you finished high school.  And we certainly don't care if you have work experience.

What we do care about is whether you have the initiative and desire to learn the specific skills and abilities required to work on our ideas.  Those abilities include specialized technical programming and developer type skills, collaboration, marketing and communication skills, and the ability to manage projects and lead teams.  We believe we can teach all of those things to people who believe in themselves enough to learn them.

Our mission is to train people to become Vital Point AI developers.  We give them 100% of the skills we think are necessary to successfully contribute to Vital Point AI projects and then set them loose to build awesome things with us or for themselves.

What is a Vital Point AI Developer?

A Vital Point AI Developer is someone who successfully completes our training.  That training is both theoretical and practical and is what we think is important for anyone to know to work on our projects.  At the end of the training, developers can freely choose which of our projects to contribute to, how, and when or even to take their skills elsewhere to start and lead new projects and teams.

At Vital Point AI, we do away with the traditional hiring methods. In fact, we aren't looking for people to work for us. We want to grow partners. We have no bureaucratic process in place to recruit the perfect person who already has all the skills we think are necessary.  We treat everyone the same, giving them the tools and autonomy to work however and whenever with the end goal of actually owning a piece of what they develop.

Step 1: Blockchain Tech

Mission: Process automation to eliminate bureaucracy, corruption, and streamline organizational structures.

How:  Smart contract and dApp development using Solidity, Truffle, Web3, and Angular. 

Step 2: Data Science

Mission: Predictive, intelligent, learning systems (ML/AI) to augment human intuition and understanding.

How: Azure Machine Learning, Python ML stack, Unity3D ML agents, Tensorflow.

Step 3: Mixed Reality

Mission: Next generation holographic command and control interfaces and experiences.

How: Microsoft Hololens, Unity3D, Nethereum, Loom SDK.

Step 4: Work with Us

Mission: Help build a suite of C4ISTAR systems that reliably augment human intuition and decision making.

How: By integrating the tech from  Steps 1-3 to solve real-world challenges.

Join us in building a suite of next generation C4ISTAR platforms.

Vital Point AI delivers solutions that eliminate bureaucracy and corruption, lead to more efficient use of resources, pull insights from data, and improve the speed and accuracy of decisions.  

Our C4ISTAR suite integrates blockchain tech, data science, and mixed reality to super-charge human intuition.

A. Luhning, CEO

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