A DAOSaaS with social/community features on NEAR

Executive Summary

Vital Point AI is building Catalyst - a DAOaaS with social/community features on NEAR. Targeting non-technical users interested in exploring how a DAO (without knowing what a DAO is) can help them build and nurture a loyal community around a common cause. Already Included or on the roadmap:

  • Base DAO configurations that are customizable by DAO proposal (democracy, oligarchy, plutocracy, republic, autocracy)
  • Integrated NEAR wallet
  • Decentralized identity (DIDs) that enable people and DAOs to build up rich Personas
  • DAO discoverability - makes it easy for people to find and participate in DAOs based on interest, values, beliefs
  • Everything occurs in app using distributed/decentralized technologies (i.e, Ceramic network (IDX), NEAR, IPFS, Verida)
  • Ability to build up reputation value via DAO specific fungible tokens (tradeable) (social tokens)
  • DAO specific NFT capabilities

Our goal is to provide a platform with open web/web 3.0 functionality that feels like the Web 2.0 applications people are used to using. NEAR makes that possible.

Why Get Involved and Support The Development of Catalyst?

In short, because it can enable a shift in the world as to how people self-organize and manage community resources to achieve objectives and support their cause.


  • open source - all the components that make up the platform will be available to extend for use in other projects.
  • Has been in development for several months - considerable headway already made - we can accelerate it towards a MVP with more help, showcasing what's possible on NEAR and elsewhere using various open web technologies.
  • It's a great way to learn blockchain and open web development.  As each modular component reaches a suitable state of functionality, Vital Point AI uses them as projects in educational material on Vital Point Academy to assist with growing the number of developers building on NEAR using AssemblyScript.
  • Any contracts automatically become composable parts of the NEAR ecosystem, to be used according to the specifications in the contract (e.g., did registry)
  • Would suggest the end-state of this project will bring new users to the NEAR ecosystem - not because they want to build a DAO - but because it’s going to solve the problems they are having managing their communities in a unique and very open web way.
Vital Point AI recruitS, trainS, and rewardS people interested in working on web 3.0 projects like Catalyst.  if this interests you, please join us...