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Catalyst enables the self-organizing and self-governing communities of the future.





Create digital identities using data you exclusively own and control to interact with your communities. Manage them all in Catalyst so when you change the data, it changes everywhere that Persona is used.

Customizable Governance

Decentralize and automate community governance to create unique, headless communities.  Customize underlying rules through community consensus.  Self-organize around causes and manage community resources.   

Trust and Accountability

More effectively and efficiently manage shared community resources with complete transparency and accountability built in.  Provide the means for members to trustlessly interact and coordinate activities.

Community done the DAO way.

Decentralized, Autonomous, Organizations (DAOs) provide communities with new and effective ways to govern, manage activity and coordinate resources from anywhere in the world.

Catalyst is a platform working to make DAO-based communities easy to use and customizable to help people effectively gather to get work done, rally around a cause, innovate, fundraise, crowdsource and more.

You won't even know you're using a blockchain, but you're getting all the benefits of doing so.

No code required.

Heard about DAOs but thought they were only accessible to developers and programmers?  Not anymore. 

Catalyst removes the complexity involved in setting up a blockchain based DAO.  Anyone, anywhere can set one up and start building a DAO-based community in just a few minutes.

We built Catalyst for anyone who might want or need to gather a community of people.

Catalyst is for artists, coders, charities, businesses, collectives, cooperatives, democracies, and innovators.

Catalyst was built for you.

One platform.

Your Catalyst community is branded to your community with your logo.

Your members will not have to leave Catalyst to fill out the details of a proposal on another forum to link to their proposal.

Proposal discussions, commenting, and the social features your members are used to are available to your Catalyst communities.

There are personas (profiles), signaling (likes/dislikes), roles and reputation (coming soon), notifications (in app/Discord).

We match individual skills and competencies with opportunities posted by projects to help people discover communities to facilitate DAO-based work arrangements.

There is built in project management and we've implemented measures to help verify work.

And we're just getting started...

Custom governance.

  • Corporations can set themselves up with power vested in CEOs and boards.
  • Clubs or charities can establish a democratic one-person, one-vote arrangement or hold one-time or perpetual elections that delegate power to representatives.
  • Sole-proprietorships or even dictators can maintain all the decision power as they see fit.
  • Fundraisers, crowdsourcing, and community funds can structure as plutocracies where voting power is bought to raise funds, but still provide contributors with some say over how those funds are used.

We believe every community should be free to determine the rules (governance) that coordinate how people interact to achieve their goals.

With Catalyst, you get fine-grained control over how your community operates and it can evolve over time.  A powerful combination of voting power and vote delegation makes any kind of governance structure possible.

Powered By:

Ceramic is a decentralized platform for creating, hosting, and sharing streams of data.

NEAR Protocol is a decentralized application platform powering the Open Web.

  Together Ceramic and NEAR enable apps like Catalyst - 

a powerful community building, governance, and coordination platform.

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Catalyst is a Vital Point AI Project.

Catalyst is open source and provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.  Use at own risk.

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